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THANKS !!!! !!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!! ! ! ! ! ! !!! ! ! !!! ! ! ! ! !

Ephraim Jeffrey Geltman
050 7109 740






yes your aunt is very nice!

you don't have to tell all the girls right away but i'm Na Nach

(as you can see on

yeah i'm friendly with Amichai

Tekoa seems like a good idea tho...

can we work the Tekoa connections somehow?

is there a woman out there who is open






LOVES Rebbe Nachman's Torahs

woudn't be totally allergic to the best in NaNach?

quick talk?

050 7109 740



so the funny little phrases we use like 'for crying out loud' are unfamiliar...

it's just a saying that means, 'please don't be difficult'




i wish you had called with this note

because i have made shabbas plans

in terms of dating

the reason i have been trying to get you to write

is to determine if i want to date!!

as i wrote today

i'm reticent to step into anything that i have to shlep around for

unless it has the vibe of being something that can 'go the distance'

if we are going to try this

what is realistic is if we're both ECSTATIC to bring in the best help TOGETHER

whenever needed

and i know i am

if you are around in Jtown or the Gush

you are always welcomed to CALL ME UP to meet up

last minute

on the fly

that sort of thing

non chalant

easy going meet up

but if we are going to 'do it the right way'

and make sure before you call that i'm not seeing anyone else

and plan a meeting

and date for real and all that jazz

then like i said

i need to feel the vibe that we are starting something that we are going to finish

to the best of our ability

with any help possible

and only quit if it's truly not workable

and to me just about everything is workable

when both people are ecstatic to bring in all the best help!

i can help you 'get in that vibe' to want to cooperate

or like i keep saying

connect you to other people who can prolly help too

but then again

i don't have time to even do that

unless you really want to get into it.

so i think i am back to asking you to express

yourself in writing

you can cc me with someone else if that helps!

i could still change my mind about shabbat

or work it out so you can stay with a family _________where i'm going

but i need to feel the vibe that you want to try to cooperate.

this is the first thing!

and without it

i hesitate to do anything

does this sound ok? too harsh?



every man and women

including us

has a measure of-

for lack of better word-


to deal with in themselves

when they enter a relationship

and throughout the relationship.

from my 10,000 + hours of self treatment and clinical treatment in refua tivit

and in Torah soul quest Ummon etc...

i have seen that i'm able to handle just about any woman's insanity

and that i'm able to let her heal mine too

but like i said

most of the women i'm meeting have not worked through their past traumas etc...enough

to even give me a chance to help them heal their insanities

as seems to happen naturally in a true love.

nor do the women seem open to putting up with my craziness

while they help balance it out over time.

i am not scared of any woman's insanities if she is really ready to love.

but it's a bit of a catch 22 because if she has too many insanities then she is not able to let me in.

i am sure i have plenty of insanities that would get worked out naturally in a real love.

i am very much looking forward to finding someone to help heal me too.

the word insanity and craziness is not to be taken TOO literally.



just to be clear

i don't' at all

think that go betweens






and this sort of thing are at all necessary

for a man and woman that are truly looking to trust each other

and work through all their doubt

through patient talk and meditation and such

but i have found that almost every woman i'm meeting

is so traumatized from what has happened up until now...

i do feel it's prolly right for us to have someone in from the beginning

or maybe even before the beginning

who is willing to help us try to work things through to the end

and beyond

if there is no REAL reason not too work towards marriage

like i said i am not hesitant about working through things that come up


as i said

i just don't want to get into anything with a woman does not feel the same way

or who doesn't have a friend to help work things through with


i'd like to be in touch with any of these helpful people...

do you have contacts for any of them

esp cell phones



and i'm not all that bad!

that even if i was larger than now

i think she would still have a hard time of just seeing me for who i am

and that most of these shidduchs

need a whole lot of support just to stay in the game and try.

that's all...

if i'm wrong about it and you are in fact looking to meet me and

really see for yourself

from the bottom of your heart and soul

if i am the real deal for you

then we can think about skippng all this red tape

and just meet simply and openly...



part 1

did you check out the northwest USA hip hop scene...?

some serious stuff happening...

beyond serious...!

this letter likely will not work

unless you read to the beat in that song over and over.

that's the prescription.


if you can find any music that works the same without that bad language

let me know please!

there is Wisdom in the Nations.

that we might have to access unless or until we find it on our turf.

please spread this letter far and wide.

you don't have to worry about embarrassing me.

i think the deal is that

i need to find a woman who is going to put up with the minimal amount of my crazy search for truth, and self, and serving and saving the world

(and let me tell you the minimum is likely to max out most any gal.)

and in fair exchange i'm going to give her the most chilld out space imaginable to have her faults in full comic glory

and love her singularly

with everything working itself out at a natural pace

because if she really is up for puting up with my quest and mission

the stuff that is between us having the deeper and deeper love

will get worked out naturally in a sort of record time

without my going to work directly on our relationship at all

what i'm connecting to

i have more and more confidence

will wash out enough annoying stuff in the love 'tween my wife and i


like when the sun rises

the darkness goes away by itself.

even tho i want to experience/create the deepest love between my woman and i

at the speed of life and love and light

i can let things happen more naturally

as long as she will let me enough space, time, flow, and support to connect inside and outside

to the irresistable sunlight i am finding more and more.

so what we are saying i suppose is to find a woman funky and flexy enough to roll with my improvisations and explorations

and attractive enough inside and out to keep me focused on her to the exclusion of the 'sirens'.

a real hip hop na nach true search real love

everything inside the halachic rules.

not one step outside the Shulcan Aruch.

yes that's the one caveat that cuts out most of the 'funky' females:

the whole game from start to finish in the grave (G-d forbid)

has to work to go one hunnerd per cent within the fence of a real life Posek.

even someone like Rav Riskin or maybe probably Rav Cherlow.

anyone as long as they are in the real normative enough Torah game.

respected enough by enough of Klal Yisrael.

NOT a mashpia...NOT a too controversial 'alternative' rabbi...

just a pshat Halachic guide.

i want the maximum guidance in the love to come from within us in the deepest stillest meditations

and communications.

and i don't need us to try to hold on the high level overnight...

i am talking over a lifetime.

at the right pace.

the woman has got to realize that halacha can be romantic beyond belief

in the right context.

but yeah not us slave to some Rebbe-Master. nothing like that.

just our whole crazy journey set to go within the fence of real deal Shulcan Aruch.

the real Poseks are smooth operators

and they make the 'class' fun.

i need the halachic protection cuz what the journey of my marriage look like might work

could be something creative and free like the frum world doesn't see often.

or ever?!

she should not have to worry.

i have the work ethic.

i grew up suburban.

i know 'daddy has to bring home the soy bacon'.

i got mad skillz to pay the billz.

and i know how to hustle up work when there is none.

and stoop low to make things work.

but in terms of my big picture.

most people need a month around me until they even have a clue what i'm cooking with.

artist ahead of his time in some ways.

but anyone in on my game can talk to many of my people in town here.

i'm solid like Kryptonite.

i'm just a brother from another planet.

so looks like i need a girl who wants to go for a ride that might be crazy sometimes.

crazy but at the end of the day safer than this soulless uncreative #*@& people usually demand.

yeah so that's the rap.

no rest for the weary...

no rest for the weary.

please save us the hassle.

call me 24-6 with any deepthought needed here.

050 7109 740

but after long careful investigation i feel the following needs to be taken into account, even peripherally:

Sussya esp Sinai Tor's chevre,

American NaNach Tsfat,

Simcha Chochbaum who you can find every day by the Kossel,

Dovid Zeller book,

Gil Locks Coming Back To Earth book,

the Blue Scholars listen to it all 100 times,

just about everything in Bat Ayin to the depth,

Rav Bezanson's NaNach scene up in Tel Aviv,

Rav Dovid Fink has video link on my website,

my website every word to the root,

enough of these refs,

etc etc....

Part 2


rebbetzin have mercy for me

i spend hours working this letter out

and it flops with you that fast.

with all due respect

Blue Scholar has updated thing in hip hop a bit since Old Skoolp hop

tho that is interesting that you went to school with ___________

speaking of which do you know of this frum rapper Y Love?

he really is brilliant.

yet another part of the puzzle.

i want Rebbetzin i can write who will help answer my prayerz.

to the best of her ability.

which could include broadcasting my prayers.

to those more likely to help answer them

with a live woman.

who likes me.


ps- similary i tried to get the ex-jazz musician Rebbetzin we all know

to listen to Daniel Zamir.

if and when i succeed in this i am sure something good will come out of it!



ok i'm gonna switch our plan to a maybe sort of thing as I'm down in the styx (Sussya) and don't want to schlep in

for something unless is sounds like the start of the real deal...

when you say you are just 'exploring' it sound ominous!

i do bless your truest explorations

but i am looking for someone who is open to finding that i am her treasure



please forgive me if that's too direct a thing to say!



although i must be honest...

for many people to understand what i'm up to seems like it would be a miracle...

i want a woman whose choice of a go between is someone i could be eager to work with

for life.

anyhow yes about the age difference...

people keep guessing i'm like 20...

but yeah maybe there is a warrior woman more my age who wants to save the worlds with me

although i don't mind a 'lil sister'

tho i had some episodes that took away most if not all of the 'romance' of chasing after younger women

if someone young is really really into me...fine for me


ps- look how trippy this nyc frum arts scene is:



yes i'm ready to come meet you today

but the one thing is that i just want to make sure that you are really truly looking to get married

i hope it's ok to say...?!

i don't mean to try to rush you into anything but it just got me a little worried when you said that maybe we were too different from america and israel and like you were maybe ready to call it quits when we made a mistake witih the email (?!)

distances with language can certainly be overcome when both people try over time and maybe the most important communication isn't even spoken just communicated in other ways

with trying to get married i'm not worried to work things out and working things through... i'm really into it!

some people obviously had a past that makes them too distrustful of something working out now.



i want a simple tzniut hipppie woman ideally
who lives in israel now
who is ready for adventure and saving the world
who isn't scared of the Power of my Crew
who loves the holsitic stuff the real deep holistic stuff not the cheeze
who wants me to learn a lot of Torah
who believes in me
or at least wants to!



yes thanks so much for your help and like i said the angle that i imagine could work is an english speaking women connected with Yishuv Hadaat...

i know some of the people that run the place but they seem a bit overwhelmed with the influx up there to think about shidduchim

but yes a woman maybe early thirties who was dati but then opened up in to earthy Breslov

or some of the women with the Erez Moshe Deron crowd too...i registered with Lev Hadvarim and can get in touch with them if you ever wanted to make use of that connectcion...

also the Ohr Haganuz scene is a good sort of connectdion for me too as they are very deep into alternative medicine which is my whole life career

and most girls i meet seem too uninformed about this field and i have yet to inspire enough curiousity and therefore they can't grasp what i'm after or even very resistant!

not that they have to grasp what i'm after...but i'm pretty enthususiastic and cutting edge and i think if they are uninformed, not curious or resistent than it's a little shot from the start...

maybe even better is if you have ideas for some shadkins who are more in my realm of operation

please do feel free to call at any hour...finding my basherte is the #1 priority!


if the girl is israeli maybe someone with american parents is a good sort of thing if possible...

the last 'category' that seems closer is the girls connected to breslov and alternative medicine in Tel Aviv...

they have their feet on the ground and are very contemporary


yes some woman connected to agriculture and such could be something incredible i said i had a lot to do with this sort of thing in the past...



i don't need my wife to submit to me

but i think i probably need a wife who isn't afraid of shining the brightest light on our life

and seeing what is revealed

nothing too shadowy!



i petition you


to take any steps of anyway humanly possible through whatever venues imaginable

to help me connect with my soul-mate

for a check-mate

or to help make me a better candidate

in any way humanly possible



thanks thanks thanks



On my end, my business is coming along well.

A lot of my own inner work via the shidduchs is becoming more clear.

I am finding chavruta that I am truly enthusiastic to learn with. etc...

thanks so much for any thought!!!


3 -

I think it's like music:

shidduchim in the 'old school' orthodox world is 'supposed' to basically be this Classical sort of thing...

which can be great

but I like all genres...including Punk

and I don't need a girl to 'go through her punk stuff' before she meets me...

i'm not the kind of guy who needs any sort of show.

i mean i love shows. but i don't need a girl to put on some smiley face for me.

i like to see her real matter how much is going on there.

but i don't demand the real face.

i love shows.

but i can see through them, and enjoy them as a show.

i can see pretty darned deep into people and i'm not scared of the stuff i see.

i am just learning the patience and skill of how to deal with it best.



i certainly don't need male dominance or anything of the sort

just moving over time towards the most simple deep true love

don't get me wrong:

if a woman is more tuned into enough of the good things than me then i would love her lead...



the first thing i think..

is that we have to have in our mind that there is someone out there who

when all is said and done

we would actually prefer giving up our control with,

giving up our overcontrol of our own life and being eager to flow with them

or even let them lead

see, i think you have to know in your heart that there IS some man out there

who you would actually rather say,

'look i'd rather get back to you in a few days but if it's important to you then let's talk now'

and i guess hopefully he says,

'look i'd rather talk now, but if it's important to you then let's talk in a few days'

and then both of your hearts swell because you realize that you actually would PREFER to work on finding ways that you BOTH are happy with

now the question is,

if i am so smart and suave

why am i still unmarried?!


i want to start at some deep and high level and i think maybe either i'm too idealistic, or....


anyhow for instance i go to ____________ and my future wife doesn't have to be ok with the brilliant clarity of the light he shines on things

but if she is the type who can't even take the light in

then i doubt it can work

i don't need my wife to submit to me

i don't need my wife to submit to __________

but i think i probably need a wife who isn't afraid of shining the brightest light on our life

and seeing what is revealed

not something shadowy and dark...


Ye Old Shidduchim Profile for Ephraim Geltman

This is my 'dream shidduch'

a not-thin and healthy,

cooperative (or open to learning how to be, )

chardalish american settler (or speaks a little english)

open to 'old school' na nach breslov,

and alternative medicine,

31 or 32 is a good age

I am thirty-eight years old.

People usually guess a whole lot younger.

Frum about eight years.

Grew up in the Boston area.

Made Aliyah and have lived in Israel about two and a half years.

Went to Ummon for my second time this Rosh Hashanna.

I ask Shylas a lot from Rav Dovid Fink, and have what to do with Rav Steinsaltz.

I'm a tough mix to peg:

I love the good Rebbes and all that, but I'm also a real freethinker indepedent type.

I love the whole Nachlaot Shlomo Chevre, tho I side a little more frum on things in general.

Connecting to chevre in Kriat Arba, Sussya, and Chevron.

Like that wild rugged south energy,

and found the Breslov Yeshiva I like the most up above Itamar in the Shomron.

Connecting to Rav Bezanson's Breslov in Tel Aviv,

and to Na Nach in Tsfat (don't believe all the hype: a lot of good is happening up there!).

Please don't think about Na Nach in the wrong light: the 'real' Na Nach is very pure and clean and straight and right.

I'm likely far more aware of the problems in Na Nach, and far more involved in trying help things shift towards the good.

Lived a lot on farms back in America

and my real ideal is very simple life and intensive work in my holistic field.

Please do not let my ideal trick you:
if you have something enough 'in the ballpark' let's hear about it!

I can send copies of letters I have all about my shidduchim process so you can really know what's realistic.

I am not a Cohen nor ever married with no kids and no big surprises.

Live in Efrat where I work with clients privately, in an MD's clinic, and am working with clients in Jerusalem.

Promoting my self healing method that I, and other extremely experienced people in the field see as having a tremendous potential possibly internationally.

Willing to drop it all and consider Ulpan or Torah learning or work some normal job full time for 'the right woman'.

I currently learn daily (solo, chavruta, shiurim).

Would ideally have a marriage where I learn half day or even full-time for a period to 'catch up' as my Torah-education has been lacking.

But as I say I am extremely flexible.

I prefer to run Dor Yesharim numbers as early as possible. 663 623 979 is my number, and anyone is encouraged to run a check on any potential shidduch without asking me first.

050 7109 740


- Rav Avraham Sutton 052 564 0249

- Rebbetzin Batya Cohen 02 993 2478 (after 9 pm best)
Rav Daniel Cohen 02 993 4435

- Yoseph and Chava Saban 04 699 9651

- Kalman David 057 314 7263
Kalman and Vered 077 566 4473

- Rabbi Ben Shorr 02 960 5526 (NOT between 10 am-2:30 pm)

- Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz 02 624 9464 x 28 (difficult to reach!)
best to go see him Thursday nights at his Nachlaot Ctr after 9:45 PM
be prepared to wait (!) to talk to him.

- Rebbetzin Heller 02 651 4895 (around 4 pm)

- Rabbi Shaul David Judelman 050 662 0617

- Dr Simcha Shapiro 052 762 6864

Beth Shapiro 054 330 5941

- Dr Moshe Bloom 052 613 9947

- Shalom and Bracha Schwarzies from the Moshav
08 859 5361
052 926 4669


2- USA East Coast References

- Dr Andrew Dovid Shiller 203 216 0640
andrew shiller"

-Rabbi Wagner at Morristown Yeshiva, NJ
973 889 1765
7-8 , 10-11 pm

-Rabbi Dubinsky, Rosh Yeshiva of Morristown, NJ
862 812 8905

-Rabbi Boruch Hecht
9-5 pm
973 267 9404

-Dr Yakov (Jack) Hanoka
617.277.5147 (h)

-Dr Yosef Glassman

-Rabbi Dovid Jaffe

- Rabbi Yonah Shiller, Tulane
504 866 7060

all of course on my facebook page Efraim Jeffrey Geltman

refs with * are possibly better

*Alan Frazin
*Avraham Sutton
*Batya Wolfe
Barak Hullman
Baruch Stone
Baruch Emanuel Brian Erdstein
*Bracha Schwarz
*Beth Shapiro
*Betzalel Philip Edwards
Carina Rock
*Chana Hinda Frazin
Chana Bracha Siegelbaum
Chip Giller
Clark Goldstein
David Amishay
DJ Fuchs
Daniel Simons
David Avraham Kletz
David Sterne
Daphna Josh Shaneson
*David Andrew Shiller
*David Ben Lev
*David Grundland
Davide Lustigman
*Dov Avraham Ben-Shorr
Eitan Levy
Eli Naiditch
Eli Posner
Eliezer Shore
*Eliyahu Kanush
Elyse Chaya Bracha Adelson
Esther Tova Stanley
Ezekiel Finn
Ezra Amichai
Fivel Yedidya Glasser
*Gedalia Goldburt
Gershon Uziel Gottlieb
Hadar Hatorah
Hendy N Ahron Zupnick
*Herzl Hefter
Hillel Lester
Howard Saul
Iddo Gutman
Isaac Nachshon
Jitschak Jonas Rosenbloom
Joseph Dishinger
Kari Sara Rothberg
Kelly Koby Cohen
*Lazer-Rachel Grunwald
Marc Meltzer
Matt Gleicher
Matthew Mausner
Mayshe Schwartz
Meir Posner
Micha Adam Levin
*Micha Larry Braun
Miriam Lindenberg
Miriam Rhodes
Moshe Feifer
*Moshe Newman
Moshe Pesach Geller
Mottle Wolfe
Naftali Kugel
Nachum Gabler
Nechama Shaina
Neve Yerushalayim
*Noam Aranov
*Noam Sendor
Nosson Zand
Oren Benyamin Benoff
Oshra Bina Attia
*Ozer Bergman
*Pesach Rothberg
Rabbi Boruch Hecht
Rachel Trugman
Rachelle Silver
*Rav Peritz Orbach
Raz Hartman
Rea Bochner
*Roni Pasternak
Ryan Nechemia Skurow
Shalom Pasternak
*Shaul David Judelman
*Shmuel Seewald
*Simcha Shapiro
*Simcha Yosef Chayim
Simon Livson
*Yacov Yehudah Stanley
Yael Ben Lev
Yehoshua Kahan
*Yehoshua Roth
Yehudit Broder
Yonah Schiller
*Yonasan Beitz
Yonatan Mashiach Hakimian
Yoni Weiner
Yosef Hartuv
*Yoseph Saban
*Zev Stub




27 -

and i *really* think you would dig the gig!

would love to hear about it if you go

may we find a way to work together

much love

your brother


ps- THIS article i think you'll find FASCINATING

i read it over and over

and if you go meet Rav Bar Tzaddok i would be VERY interested to hear!!!!

he's connected to one of my guys in Israel too

it's the Occult Mechanics article

yes i'd be SO interested to get your thought on that!!!

lastly i'd also like to see what you think of the thought of rav ginsbergh on 'kaballah for the nations' and 'bnei noach'

thanks brother!!



sorry about being a jerk before i just went through some huge tikkunim and really worked out some deep stuff

listen i know this girl out in ________ who is jewish secular seeker type and i want to intro her to you

ok be well and i'd love to hear from you

since you are feeling it for Chabad this would be a great guy for you to talk to also

Rav Schochet

i can help make it happen prolly if you have problems getting to him

also i've been researching about what Rebbe Nachman had to do with the Alter Rebbe

and Rabbeinu seems to make it clear that his was a different path than Chabad right from the beginning

for us all to truly follow Rabbeinu's derech is like some full life job itself

so why get spread out?

ok speaking of which

i still want to see about helping each other

maybe we could find a way that works for both of us...



i take inspiration from shimon who lives out in Ebay Hanachal out by Tekoa and who was m'shamesh the Saba Yisroel (whose biography i can gather you still haven't had the blessing to read?) and shimon is very much alive

geltmanshiatsu 7:25 PM and if you go hang out with his wife for shabbat

geltmanshiatsu 7:25 PM i think really good things would come of it

geltmanshiatsu 7:26 PM and Shimon poskins by the Edo Chareidi too

geltmanshiatsu 5:15 AM if you are trying to interest me in trying something your correcting me and trying to one up me and making cutting remarks is having the opposite effect.

geltmanshiatsu 5:15 AM im' looking for someone who is after the most cooperative simplest life

geltmanshiatsu 5:23 AM simple cooperative interests me more

geltmanshiatsu 5:23 AM snide, one upping, cutting, putting down breslov doesn't interest me

geltmanshiatsu 5:23 AM look i'm breslov

geltmanshiatsu 5:23 AM i'm nanach

geltmanshiatsu 5:24 AM you can haul in any kind of heavy guns you want to try to change it

geltmanshiatsu 5:24 AM and we'll see what happens

geltmanshiatsu 5:24 AM that's who i am

geltmanshiatsu 5:24 AM there are some nanach communities you don't know

geltmanshiatsu 5:24 AM rav bezanson's kehilla in tel aviv

geltmanshiatsu 5:25 AM ebay hanachal out near tekoa

geltmanshiatsu 5:25 AM that would likely be a necessity for you to meet to get more of the picture here

geltmanshiatsu 5:25 AM you'd prolly especially like rav bezanson's

geltmanshiatsu 5:25 AM very civilized cultured proper sort of scene

geltmanshiatsu 5:25 AM you can go meet those wives if you want

geltmanshiatsu 5:26 AM very good solid normal nanach people

geltmanshiatsu 5:26 AM but it's very very special!!!

geltmanshiatsu 5:26 AM from the way you talk and write

geltmanshiatsu 5:26 AM i am POSITIVE you don't have the full picture yet

geltmanshiatsu 5:27 AM a woman has to either have faith her man has the picture

geltmanshiatsu 5:27 AM and she relaxes and goes with it

geltmanshiatsu 5:27 AM or she has to get it herself?



to a 'friend' trying to 'help' me

but more i want friends who are down for the real deal

really helping each other for life


ps- are you friends with our long lost ________ in ________?

just between you and me i think ______ can use all the help he can get...

pps- if you want to 'do the real thing'

i'm geltmanshiatsu on yahoo instant messenger

it downloads easy

look forward to hearing from you

ps- real deal friendship is not easy

of course....

your long lost brother




to a young jerusalem seminarian

you are here in a town

where there are PEOPLE FOR YOU TO MEET

and by my acute guestimation i can guess that you have yet to meet many of them

ah ______________

if thee would only meet my people

my o my what could become

you are a smart young woman

but sometimes it's helpful to have it spelled out

if you get in certain circles of people

you are bound NOT to meet my people

it's complex and simple

at the same time...



jewish rasta

this jewish rasta kid from vermont met our posse in jerusalem

it was classic

we really blew his mind with rebbe nachman torahs

when we first met him he started trying to quote tanahk to prove his rasta eminence

but my friend who was there learned in yeshiva litvish for like 20 years

put him in his place so firmly and gently

it was really a sort of historic moment

i'm eager for the return of the lost tribes

including you!


always like to hear your updates etc...

and i want to know how i can win you to be my enthusiastic shadkin

i can REALLY imagine 'her' coming through your friendship




to the martial arts master healer bisio

Shalom Tom!

I apprenticed to Pitchford for five years (healing with whole foods)

to the ch'an master at city of 10,000 buddhas for a year

know most all of the boston martial arts scene

etc etc

I have developed and am promoting a self healing style that i feel is both cutting edge and TRULY wholisitc

and i'd love you to know about what i do and have your advice with it

here is a nutshell

and my website is

pps- many of the kabbalists here in israel seem to be predicting a pretty complete fall of the USA upcoming...



to the famous survivalist Cody Lundin

hi Cody!!!!

i teach a self healing system that would be amazing to combine with wilderness skills since it (the system) is all about being alone in the woods and healing yourself on all levels

i'd love to tell you more about it



to the pianist jeremy weinglass

what's up long lost jewish brother

i'm writing you from downtown behind the green line israel

to notify you that america like the weimar republic is likely to crash

or apparently it already has and is just being propped up

like a dead man

and so i want to invite you back to your homeland where you can heal us with your really really beautifuly piano

my contacts below

ps- i teach a sort of 'beyond alexander' total holisitc technique that i'd love to tell you about...



to an american hip hop poet

hey brother

listen one of 'your people'

a certain jewish connected rasta boy

recently washed up on 'our shore' in Jerusalem

there was quite a degree of misinterpretation

historical, sociological, energetic, and otherwise

i have several jew brothers here in Israel

who went through the WHOLE rasta phase in amerika

and then woke up

to the real deal Torah as brought down by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

i'd like to offer you my hand in brotherhood

to straighten out out this 'christian' influenced rasta movement

we been through it

we came out of it

we welcome you to hop on the Big Bus

cuz we all goin home together

ps- the kabbalists seem to many be warning that amerika is going to fall real time big time disaster time style

just to give you a heads up....



to a newly engaged girl

there is no trepidation on my side

if you two

have a true mutual objective enough friend

of any description

who is giving you the healthiest support

and challenge

from start to finish!


without this kind of person in on things

then i am delirious with trepidation


slight exaggeration

but not without reality

ps- some of the kabbalists in israel

are predicting the crash of the USA pretty soon...

be well!



to a shadkin

1- thanks for the follow up on these girls but we are definately it sounds like fishing in the wrong pond


maon, sussya, chevron


people directly connected to masters in alternative medicine


serious working artists with a lot of revolutionary personality




woman who could love nanach


women who are crazy about community service

2- the way i'm going to pay you back is by teaching you how to heal yourself for free

please consider to download yahoo instant messenger (it's very easy)

and start asking me questions about it

if we can get you to relax about 95% it will make getting you happily married i have no doubt way more realistic

3- another way i can pay you back is 20% on sales (10% for the first 4 return visits)

i'm probably about to get in a hot new clinic clinic so that's make it much easier

working on getting legit this week etc...

self healing method

why not give it a try?

like i said you can start asking questions if you want to heal this way...

General notes for:


This whole method is based upon focusing on the one point in your body that feels most obstructed.

You can focus on it mentally and use your fingertips to help focus on it.

Even if your fingertips aren't on the point you can use them from a distance to connect to the point.

The entire Method should revolve around opening up the one point.

Even if you have a bunch of areas that are a mess, just focus on the central point and everything will connect through it.


1- vibration

2- open jaw

3- suspension

4- movement

5- relaxation

6- use your hands

7- awareness of breath

8- feeling

9- audience

10- meaning

11- anatomical

12- future

13- smoothness

14- continuity

15- expansion

16- support

17- rhythm

18- fire up

19- root down

20- think deeper

21- go to nature

22- slow down

The Method I am teaching is something you practice until it becomes natural.

What are we practicing?

We are practicing a way to work on our own health, our own life force, our own life.
Basically, it could be practiced with every breath from here forth.

It is too good to miss any chance to practice.

It's not that we 'should' practice or we should 'feel bad' if we don't practice.

Conversely, it's just a great thing to get into, and when we start

we will likely realize that it is something we do not want to live without!

Now learning the Method is of course best live,
but we work with clientelle via correspondence
(email, IM and snail mai)
as well as telephone consultation.

We include the writings below to give you a sense of the work...


A lot of this method is about SOUND VIBRATION.


When we make sounds we can hear how our sound is incomplete and 'off'.

We can hear what is restricted in our voice, and we can hear where our sound is stuck.

We have to listen to our own expression

and hear what is 'off' and what is incomplete.

It really does not matter

and it is in fact contrary to the Method

to be overly concerned about what others think of our expression.

Of course there is a crucial place for how our expression is received,

but how many people are chained in repression, etc...?


So when we are vocalizing let's


You can feel all that horrid tension in your jaw,

and that must be worked out in order for the life to flow.



as if it's being pulled by a string upwards.


Let all your body


be from the inner center of the body.

Instead of having your body move separately,

we are going to train only to move the very inside of the body

and let the outer limbs follow.


RELAX completely.

No matter what comes up- and everything will!- keep relaxing through it!



There are limitless self healing techniques using your hands

which we can get into in time.

In general, constantly use your hands to work on your own health!



Trial and error.

Holding it in. Holding it out. Breathing slower. Deeper. More gently.

More power. More grace.


Make every word, and sound, and song you make with


There is no end to going deeper into the heart.

Part of FEELING is FEELING as in feel the sensation inside yourself.

Feel where you feel blocked and numb and FEEL INSIDE THERE!

You have to 'feel to heal.'


The concept of AUDIENCE

is very different than how you might think of it if you were rehearsing for some performance.

In another way it's the same.

Here just have the idea that you are not overly inwardly focused.

You are working on yourself, but that self is much of the time, in life, going to be in contact with other people.

Your 'performance' is basically the way that you are when you are with other people.

We are training to be 100% real but also 100% subtle.



Move and make sounds in a way that have the most meaning for you.

What does that mean? You have to know for yourself. It changes. Go deeper and deeper.

We'll come back to this and a lot of things.

But in other words, it's against the rules to just 'go through the motions.'



Feel your anatomy. Pay attention to your anatomy.

G-d gave you this miraculous body.

Learn how to use it.



There is always an element of training for your future,

whether you have a vague notion of the future approaching

or a very exact thing you are preparing for.

Be in the moment without getting lost in it.

We all have great battles ahead and are training for them.



Don't be a 'jerk.'

Consciously make all your movement, sounds, etc, exactingly smooth.



You will often have the impulse to break whatever 'flow' you are in.

Resist the urge to be scattered and quit or focus on a less central process.

This Method demands your all but it will become you in time, and you will be glad to have progressed.

Almost everyone needs to be coached in the beginning to 'get in the groove'.

The longer you can practice in one continuous masterful session,

the deeper you will go in.



Let your whole body continually expand.

Everyone lives at various states of pathological contraction, tenseness, etc...

Physically OPEN UP! Stretch! Jump around and stretch your lung capacity!

Lift your head as if the top will touch the ceiling.



your proper breathing by feeling the alignment of your pelvis.

When practicing standing, tuck your tailbone down to point to the ground so that your lower back is flat.

Be loose and relax and drop your weight.



Find your rhythm. You can 'cheat' by using recorded music and working with it.

Our heart and our whole system works with rhythm.

Attention to this will support all the points we are developing.



Feel inside yourself what you are most burningly 'psyched' about.

If you are like most people it is unfortunately very very buried.

Dig it up. Connect to it.

This whole work is to bring your life towards the pure version

of whatever true direction you are most wanting to go.



Drop all your physical weight, your center of gravity, down down down to the center of the earth.

Stand tall and drop all your weight onto your thighs.

Let your upper body dance free and take all your weight on your thighs.

The center of the earth is a long way down, so keep droppin!



Even deeper than the center of the earth is the center of your mind. Think. Think!

The goal here is to express yourself completely, so of course deeper and deeper thought is required.



Whenever possible practice this method out in nature.



As you are basically rebirthing your world with this method,

the slower you practice, the faster you will create a new way of being in your world.

To go fast, slow down!

This whole method is based on a very healthy dissatisfaction with your present life


You can feel what's off and you are training to get closer and closer to 'where it's at.'

Ok, so you have the general outline of a Method, but now what do you do?

Like with all music, you can either IMPROVISE ie. DO YOUR OWN THING


We'll focus on IMPROVISATION for now.

However, if you already have something you do like daily prayers or music you play,

or in actuality, anything, then you can obviously work this method into that.

The basic IMPROVISATION you can do in this method is to

speak or sing directly to G-d in your own words or tunes.

If G-d 'isn't your thing', then you can work the Method with another focus.

Don't stress out...we'll get into this all in time.

This method is basically stunningly easy and stunningly difficult.

It's difficult because we are demanding that you demand of yourself your truest expression.

And it's easy because deep down we can all feel how we are off and we inside have the constant desire to work on it in a way we like.

Practice, report back, and we'll see!

Print out this list below to refer to when you want to practice.

1- vibration

2- open jaw

3- suspension

4- movement

5- relaxation

6- use your hands

7- awareness of breath

8- feeling

9- audience

10- meaning

11- anatomical

12- future

13- smoothness

14- continuity

15- expansion

16- support

17- rhythm

18- fire up

19- root down

20- think deeper

21- go to nature

22- slow down


You can see the end of the Intro link on the website for more general information about this method.



Thanks so much!

Yes, I recently had an shadkin interview with a woman from Monsey (I'm 38 and still single!!!), a ___________________.

I can't remember how I came across your facebook, maybe through some of Meriam Roads distant connections on there.

Anyhow, I work in natural health also, and when I come across barren women in my practice it's one of the saddest things!

So I am very excited about progressive work with fertility treatment.

There has been so much ignorance in the Jewish community about 'real' alternative healing, so I am glad someone in the field is opening and waking up _____________.


ps- you might like my site about what I do...not your 'normal' alternative health


love to hear your thoughts if anything is of interest...




I want to 'make you a Na Nach' which of course is kind of absurd thing to think or say




yer a cool braw (bro)


as you can see i'm losing it a little

but lookee here bro

me n some bros have a club

where we all committ to one hour hisbod. in nature a day rain or shine

i realize it's hard for a married superstar like you

but look...Rabbeinu wasn't messing around obviously G-d forbid


how bout joining the club

the way we crank it is that if we miss a day we have to pay 50 shekels to the club

or to Tzedakkah

that keeps us on point


it's a Hisbodaduht Coalition

you could say...


i always wanna see you my man

050 7109 740



why is it that ______________ have ended up in Na Nach circles?

it's cuz it can be a breath of fresh air

go meet more the real nanachs....i'll help make it happen if you want

breathe in the Geulah sister

have you really read the history of Breslov?

we were persecuted from the get go

see 'Through Fire and Water' by Kramer

you are somehow just 'buying' the persecution of NaNach at face value

it's just a continuation of the world struggling against the real deal

i have people that will straighten you out and they are all just a phone call or email away

you will come into NaNach like a fish in land flopping around that finally finds the ocean...



7 -

To a New SIkh Friend

hi nind

i used to be a sikh (as i mention on my website

interesting stuff but thank G-d I found Rebbe Nachman

sihk of course came from islam and hindu roots if i remember right

and islam of course is connected to Ishmael as described in Torah

and hinduism came from Avraham sending his sons to the east bearing gifts

so thank G-d i came to the source and then found Na Nach

anyhow what's up?!



calling all Jewish Rastas: we just met _______ in Jerusalem

Jewish Rastas

welcome home!

the Torah world that you know about is transforming and in it's place Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me Ummon is rising up!

Please get in touch with us: this will be a reunion maybe like nothing else.

We have some serious 'ex-rastas' in our Jerusalem Clan so you will feel right at home.

Ephraim Jefffrey

your bro in Jerusalem



letter to a famous west coast (non-Jewish) spiritual teacher

i see building going on all the time in palestine,

there is no war at the moment,

and you don't see people dying in the street like in africa,

this is sort of an internal fight here in israel

like a husband and wife

and maybe outsiders really dont' often truly get what is going on

i was muslim for a year in america too

so i have a better idea than most people

also until you come here and see for yourself

i am afraid you are likely a victim of a media blitz

if you are looking for a constructive conversation and really look for the truth and a way to bliss i have a friend here Moshe NaNach who is open to dialogue

we are all in the same boat: looking for truth

if you are able to go outside yourself and weigh another side let's have a dialogue



letter to a holistic pr person

thx so much

if it's ok i'll just fire off my scenario in summary as times zones, shabbat approaching etc... make that easier

after 20 years full time in holistic i moved to israel and feel like all my training and practice in the field is somewhat a joke compared to the real parts of the movement around Rebbe Nachman

(reference and

warning: it will likely not make a ton of sense at a glance


however, i'm seeing developing my niche in the holistic world could be a huge gateway to share the deeper 'science' of Rebbe Nachman and Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me Ummon

and i'm a fired up sort of activist who really just wants to see people heal

LASTLY i'm a serious Torah Jew who sees the real future of holisitc being using Torah Law to cut out anything at all unnecessary and obstructive that pervades the holisitc scene

so as you can see i've got a lot on my plate and not sure how to navigate...

well there's a lot more to it

ok thanks!!!!!!!


ps- what kind of sliding scale?



letter to a frum sex therapist


So I've worked in holistics for the past 20+ years (website below)

and am frum and breslov

and working on putting it all together in my practice.

in my training before going frum i had a rather extensive training in the mostly eastern influenced sex therapies

so now i'm working to understand how to present all this in terms of halacha, pr, professional savvy, etc etc

i'd love to be in touch with a male frum sex therapist instead or in addition

lastly, the crux of it all for me is that after my career up til now in holistic

(and also my Dad is a famous gestalt therapist in boston)

is that i'm seeing more and more the total importance of Rebbe Nachman's teachings about Shmyrat Habrit in terms of sex therapy etc...

and it seems almost the entire sex therapy world is a bit against this sort of thing

and what i'd really like to find is colleagues that take what Rebbe Nachman taught on all this seriously...and who aren't afraid of the backlash of the modern maskilim against all this.

Ok it's be great to be in touch!

Ephraim Jeffrey

ps- also, if i may say, I'm single and looking for my wife if you want to help!



2 -

i changed my tune

the nanachs got to me

i don't want a larger-than-life Mashpia anymore

but i do want all within the posek's fence

but just the most simple pshat halacha

and to follow my 'inner Rebbe'

and only let other Big Rebbes help me to do that

rav fink is great 054 598 9658

if you call and ask him any shyla you'll prolly know within two minutes if you could go with him

video of him on my links on my website too

he's way cool and right.

but i don't need the posek 'in on' anything

just to answer the questions flat and simple what's the law on each matter

now i think the only question i have is if i can work with someone

who isn't working to have their whole life within the fence of a respected posek.

cuz whoever i team with

if they are only willing to posek on stuff that concerns our collaboration

but not in their own life

then it's like i can count on them flunkin when their own life tests come.

i think we could take something real brother

but without the total life posik fence i can't see teaming up too seriously with anyone.

i need to think and research it more

cuz maybe im' holdingg on too tight

maybe it only needs to be for the collaboration

but real man to man the life is the collaboration

my juice is gonna break anything that isn't within the fence o halacha

but like i said i aint gonna pep talk you about that kind of thing like a life posik thing

but if you go that way yourself naturally then i want in.

but i prolly don't want to take a step unless you go that way naturally yourself.

with no turning back.

this cat Rav Cherlow is supposed to be another super mega superstar hipster respecd posik ultra liberal 052 261 0142

but martial diddle doo therapy i aint got much interest unless its going the distance.

and without the fence

how can it go?

without a bro who naturally wants the fence.

to work towards a more n more conscious fence.

i think i might have expended my unsolicited pep talks

and can imagine keeping mytrap shut unless people beg.

and save all the preachin for my art.

but i'm only looking to take steps now that could go the distance.

i think just about the only thing off about (the hip hop group) blue scholar is that they havne't been exposed to Torah yet.

and i'm working on that.



i ask your forgiveness

i think we had a misunderstanding about the health thing.

what i was trying to do- unsucessfully- was field your question in such a way that you could get into thinking about some of the new territory in medicine.

almost everyone in the west 'thinks in western medicine'...

but chinese medicine is now obviously recognized as an alternate- and many feel more advanced- model of understanding whole health

(and now even chinese meds is considered fifty or so years behind the times)

so what i was trying to do was direct your question into new territory, which, if you played along with me, i *really* have no doubt you would find useful and satisfying.

'if you give a (wo)man a fish he eats for a day but if you teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime.'

ps- i talked to one of my consultants today who has a really developed (i think) psychic sense, about you and shidduchim, and if i remember right he said he thinks you are not really 'in the mode' of looking to settle in marriage yet...

please forgive me if that comment is unwelcomed!



Throw me a bid on anything, goods or services!

Updated Feb 2010

You can call at ANY!! hour,
but best time to reach me is after sunrise to sunset, Israel time
(seven hours ahead of US east coast time)

050 7109 740

From US 00972 50 7109 740



I am also open to barter for any of the following on this list.

Our services:

If you want to help meet our needs
and you need anything besides our services listed on the website
please let us know of ANY of your needs,
as arrangements can very very often be worked out.

For a more complete list of biz and life needs write me at



- the freshest healthiest food on the planet, ideally prepared and delivered


- goods and general transport between Hamiftar and the Gush

- goods transported and rides from Bat Ayin to Hamiftar

- goods and rides between Jerusalem and Hamiftar (esp. early after nates)

- to-and-from Jerusalem (esp for chatzot and/or nates Minyan at Kossel)

- quick general tour of Israel as much as we can get to...any day except Wed possible

- food shopping, ideally for organic produce


- a contact in migdal oz connected to the dairy, fruit, and bee operations


- help learning Torah (ideally Niglah with a Nistar flair)

- help fundraising for my Torah-learning

- excellent Hebrew tutor

- help learning the minimal functional Hebrew for my holistic and massage therapy practice


- all manner of hebrew translation- live, written, on-call etc...

- website tranlated on one page to start


- my site is powered my Joomla

- teaching me Joomla (basic aspects first)

- website development

- web marketing

- copy editing

- hebrew page on site


- someone web savvy ideal REAL ARTIST WANTED (upload to Joomla a plus)


- flyer distribution

- friday morning shabbas cleaning

- general domestic

- endless other things...


- help finding an apprentice(s), the best colleague(s), and a professional mentor(s)

- exercise/martial arts chavruta (beginner or creative type preferred)

- research help for clients (creative, holistic, broad-reaching, science/medical a plus)

- practice supervision

- practice management

- therapeutic work for myself (open to any kosher style)

- help writing and publishing in US and Israel mostly online and weekly circulars

- all aspects of perparing for public talks, radio and tv interviews etc...


- accounting (someone Israel who can coordinate with my US accountant)

- legal help with all aspects of my practice

- help making my entire operation 100% mobile and slick
without losing an ounce of roots and down-home flavor!

- all PR that is not too tacky (publishing online and in magazines, getting interviews, etc...)


- daily, weekly, and/or monthly postings for on-line groups

- virtual english secretary, virtual hebrew secretary

- setting up SKYPE and maintaining on a mac laptop

- mac laptop support

- setting up and maintaining an email list...probably 'constant contact'

- help with all aspects of setting up an internet/phone health consulting business
(online billing, marketing etc..)

- setting my computer up with hebrew script (ibook G4) is in the system we just need to bring it up again somehow

- how to improve this blogger website you are on now reading here (how to internally link, etc...)


- secretarial assistance of all kinds!!

- on-site (men only) and virtual/telephone


- creating a niche market for residential work combining
work as a personal assistant and holistic practicioner aimed at the Tel Aviv market or executive clientelle within and outside of Israel


- very simple interior design for holistic office by Efrat

- maintenance/handyman work in Efrat office

- original art to sell in my office and mounted there


- use of studio space for martial arts and/or exercise and massage therapy
(ideally with mats and pads, ideally sound and shock-proof)

Jerusalem (City Center or Nachlaot preferred, all considered) and Efrat

ideally with massage table or shiatsu mats already in the space


- card and flyer design TRUE ARTIST WANTED

BOSTON (or online)

- some items sold in Boston area

- small goods transported from Swampscott and Somerville MA to Israel

- documents printed and sent within Boston

- coordinating my Boston clientelle

- things delivered/errands etc... to my parents in Somerville


- help setting up, coordinating health classes at Yeshivas,
demo classes all around Jerusalem and Israel etc...


- help fundraising for my poor and/or seriously troubled clients

- help making the fundraising 100% legit on all fronts (non-prof status?)


- bike mechanic



(used generally fine)

All goods are preferably delivered to Hamiftar near Efrat


- bulk whole dried and fresh foods


- electric spice grinder

- bulk common medicinal herbs (ask for list)

- organic produce, products of all kinds


- three used bicycles (junkers fine) and two bike locks


- chalkboard and supplies or dry-erase

- posting materials (bulk amount tape and tacks)

- book ends

- small file cabinet or something of the sort, and filing supplies

- working hard-plastic foldable mobile map of Jerusalem and one for Israel,
and wall maps for Jerusalem, the Gush, Efrat, and Israel


- great jewish music cd's (no bootlegs), especially for use during therapy work,
niggun and contemporary

- any quality emopunk, powerpunk, jazz, hiphop, reggae (no bootlegs), and non-cheesy truly relaxing music

- CD player


- big rolling suitcase

- small file cabinet or something of the sort, and filing supplies

- small/medium collapsable probably plastic table

- small/medium bookshelf

- three light-covers: one of them classy looking

- three (ideally plastic) stacking or regular folding chairs


- professional workout clothes for martial arts (used fine)

- professional-looking raincoat 'shell' (lightweight)

- professional but casual fashion of all sorts (write for measurements), more hippy look ok too


- aromatherapy products including vaporizer or candle-diffuser

- massage table and professional carrying bag to put massage table in


- speakers for my laptop (ibook G4)

- palm pilot (mac compatible) or iphone

- laptop portable fan for underneath computer

- laptop computer- ideally really small and that i can transfer all my mac material onto
(will consider used)

- low-end digital camera that i can use to upload pics to my blog and website

- router for wireless hookeup

- personal computer high speed (mac compatible or preferred)

BOOKS (used fine)

- 'healing with whole foods' by pitchford

- 'the web that has no weaver' by kaptchuk

- # Gad Shimron (2007).
Mossad Exodus: The Daring Undercover Rescue of the Lost Jewish Tribe .
Gefen Publishing House

- will consider any other natural health, personal growth and Torah books


- smallest rollable pad

- 'stuff sack'


- places to stay in Jerusalem for Shabbas


- shabbas wine, funny knick knacks, classy stuff, new stuff, etc...